Fairway Energy

Fairway is building critical storage and pipeline infrastructure to support downstream growth on the Texas Gulf Coast

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Magnum Energy

Magnum is building a multi-purpose integrated energy storage and power generation project in the western United States.

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Eureka Resources

Eureka Resources provides cost-effective, environmentally safe, wastewater recycling and disposal solutions in the Northeastern U.S.

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IACX Energy

Haddington’s investment in IACX, made initially in December 2006, opened up the unconventional world of low-BTU/off-spec gas.

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Bobcat Gas Storage

In September 2005, Haddington acquired the development rights to the Bobcat gas storage project, a high deliverability salt ...

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map of our investments

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Haddington Ventures has investments located across the continental U.S. and in Germany.

portfolio companies

*The rotator is a complete list of all active investments as of August, 2013 along with select realized investments

about haddington

Haddington Ventures, through its private equity funds, provdies superior returns to its partners and investors by focusing on the midstream energy sector. Haddington will generally make control-oriented investments in companies focused on gathering, separation. . . read more +

our team

Contact John A. Strom

John A. Strom

Managing Director

  • Co-founded Haddington in 1998
  • 30 years of midstream experience
  • Focus: new market development, market strategy, regulatory, business development
  • Portfolio Companies: Apex, Eureka, Endicott, Magnum

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