Core Values

People, planning, experience drive success

Success begins with people –At Haddington, we believe that investment success starts and stops with people. When evaluating a portfolio company, we conduct a thorough evaluation of its management, both as individuals and as a team. We understand that the wrong people or a poorly constructed team can jeopardize an otherwise successful investment. We also believe in personal investment from the Haddington team and from our management teams for alignment of incentives.

Plan for the risks – Different stages of acquisition and development have different risks and costs of capital. We understand this and plan our investment and exit accordingly. When entering a deal, we contemplate the “off ramps” at each stage where a lower cost of capital investor might potentially enter and Haddington might partially or fully exit. We also look closely at the capital required for each task and the risks associated with it. Both initially and throughout the investment stages, we systematically stage capital investments to lower investment risk.

We look where others don’t – The operating experience of our principals and management team drives Haddington’s success. That experience allows us to look where others don’t. Then, we work closely with our portfolio management teams, providing the benefit of our combined 175 years of experience to help minimize the decision-making pitfalls.

Experience provides leverage – Management teams, banks and equity partners recognize Haddington’s operational expertise, allowing us control in otherwise equal equity positions, leverage in difficult markets, and superior deal sourcing and closing opportunities.