Midstream Growth

Expanding to new midstream opportunities

As America progresses towards greater energy independence, the market for traditional and alternative energy resources is changing and a critical need is emerging for new infrastructure to support this evolution and growth.  Haddington is playing an integral role in bridging the infrastructure deficit caused by this change, offering a full spectrum of midstream natural gas and petroleum liquids infrastructure expertise.

Our recent investments have encompassed a broad range of traditional midstream infrastructure opportunities, including gathering, refining, transportation, storage, processing, treating, compression, and pipelines.  We have also expanded our reach to include nitrogen rejection, helium purification, biofuels refining, compression services, CO2 gathering, and produced water treatment.  Haddington considers both acquisition and development opportunities in these diverse industries.

Among our investments:

  • Eureka Resources provides wastewater treatment and disposal solutions to the natural gas exploration and hydrofracturing industry in the Marcellus and Utica Shale. 
  • IACX Energy designs, fabricates, deploys, operates and warrants a standardized fleet of proprietary, small-scale processing assets that remove nitrogen and helium from natural gas.
  • Endicott Biofuels is a second-generation biodiesel company that operates biorefineries that turn non-food, agricultural waste feedstocks into biodiesel.

Note: The above list includes active companies in this sector of the market as of August, 2013.  Holdings are subject to change.