HOUSTON, TEXAS (February 4, 2013) -- Tristream East Texas, LLC announced today that it has completed the first phase of expanding its condensate stabilization business at its Myrtle Springs Facility in Van Zandt County, Texas.  Tristream is now capable of stabilizing 3,000 barrels per day of third-party sweet condensate at Myrtle Springs. Expansion plans are underway to double capacity to 6,000 barrels per day. The Myrtle Springs Facility is located 2 miles north of I-20, between Dallas and Longview. 
The truck-based facility operates 24/7 and will accept sweet raw condensate up to 150 psig and produces a finished product of 8-11 psi Reid vapor pressure.  The condensate operation is totally independent of Tristream’s existing sour gas processing operations.  Tristream plans to activate 5,000 barrels per day of additional stabilization capacity for third-party service at its Eustace facility, located approximately 30 miles south of the current operations at Myrtle Springs. 
According to Mark Thomas, VP, Commercial and Project Management, “This project will provide a much-needed service to the booming shale gas production industry and better serve producers in the Eagle Ford shale and other active areas.”  He stated that “Due to the increased demand for condensate stabilization, Tristream is reactivating and expanding idle condensate stabilization capacity.  This will serve to significantly enhance the value and marketability of producers’ condensate from the rapidly expanding resource plays in the Southwest United States."
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Tristream East Texas, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tristream Energy, LLC, is a midstream operating company based in Houston, Texas that provides gas gathering and processing services to producers in East Texas.  For more information, visit
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