Endicott Biofuels

Investment Status: active

Sector: Alternative Energy

Investment Fund: Fund III

Geography: Texas

Initial Investment: June 1, 2007

Turning low cost, non-food waste into biodiesel

Endicott Biofuels is a second-generation biodiesel company.  Endicott plans to build and operate world-class biorefineries using proven, exclusive differentiating technology that turns non-food, agricultural waste feedstocks into biodiesel that is cost competitive with petroleum-based fuels. Ultimately, its goal is to add to America’s supply of economically renewable transportation fuel.

Endicott has secured an exclusive U.S. license to process certain non-food, agricultural waste feedstocks into biodiesel. With the ability to process up to 100% free fatty acid (FFA), Endicott’s approach values most favorably feedstocks that the conventional food processing and biodiesel industries treat as waste. The company has developed a portfolio of patents around its production process, giving it an edge in the marketplace.   

Endicott has chosen Davy Process Technology, a division of Johnson Matthey Company, as one of its technology partners. Davy is a global oleochemicals and petrochemicals engineering and technology licensing company based in the United Kingdom. Davy’s proven esterification process is currently utilized in six detergent alcohol plants throughout Asia.  In 2008, Endicott and Davy entered into a long-term, multi-plant technical collaboration to build a new generation of biodiesel production facilities in the U.S. 

In January 2013, Endicott commissioned its first facility to produce 100,000 metric tons per year (30 million gallons) of biodiesel, located in Port Arthur, Texas. The company is currently seeking future plant development sites, which include conversion of first-generation underperforming biofuels plants to Endicott’s technology as well as co-locating on the site of existing petroleum refineries which need to generate credits to comply with RFS II regulations.  

Additional information can be found on the company’s website at www.endicottbiofuels.com.



Endicott has completed construction of its first biodiesel facilty in Port Arthur, Texas.