IACX Energy

Investment Status: active

Sector: Nitrogen Rejection and Gas Gathering

Investment Fund: Fund III

Geography: Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Utah

Initial Investment: Dec. 1, 2006

Opening unconventional gas plays and unlocking Helium

IACX Energy constructs and operates a standardized fleet of proprietary gas treating assets that remove nitrogen from natural gas at or near the well head. IACX also captures and purifies helium from natural gas (where present), a very valuable by-product which sells for nearly 100X the price of natural gas. 

Haddington’s investment in IACX, made initially in December 2006, opened up the unconventional world of low-BTU/off-spec gas.  IACX deploys proprietary, patented, lower pressure processing technologies that economically develop low-BTU/off-spec gas (gas that contains high levels of nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide, typically with BTU levels that are well below that of pipeline specs).  Most current processing technologies are large scale and high pressure, requiring sizeable reserve dedications and construction capital.  By using IACX’s mobile processing units, processing capital can be invested in stages, with less upfront capital required during the reservoir testing and proving stage and lower risk incremental capital for the reservoir exploitation stage.

Helium which is recently in short supply for medical applications, welding, and advanced research is abundant in areas where nitrogen is prevalent.  In recent years, two-thirds of the world’s helium supply has come from a national helium reserve in Amarillo, Texas.  This reserve is projected to run out in five years at present consumption rate, leading to markedly higher helium pricing in the last 2-3 years, making helium scarcity a national issue.   IACX is developing several large helium plays, which include the Harley Dome and Woodside dome in Utah.  These areas were once set aside as national helium reserves by the federal government.  IACX’s first helium well came online in late 2013 at the Harley Dome in Utah. 

Additional information can be found on the company's website at http://www.iacx.com/.



IACX mobile gas treating units remove nitrogen and valuable helium from natural gas.



IACX unit in action...