Tristream Energy

Investment Status: active

Sector: Gas & Oil Gathering, Processing, and Transport

Investment Fund: Fund III, Fund IV

Geography: Lower 48 States

Initial Investment: Jan. 1, 2007

A producer-focused midstream company

Tristream Energy owns and operates gathering, processing and treating assets in five counties in East Texas, as well as a condensate stabilization and treating facility near Myrtle Springs, Texas.

Tristream is a producer-focused midstream company that is capable of executing on both greenfield developments and acquisitions.  The company’s core capabilities include gas gathering and transmission, compression, processing, treating, sulfur recovery, nitrogen rejection, and condensate treating and stabilization. As a midstream gas gatherer and processor, Tristream’s goal is to create value for customers by sharing its knowledge and technical expertise, helping producers to quickly and efficiently bring their products to market.

In July 2010, Tristream acquired the Eustace natural gas gathering and processing system, which spans five counties in East Texas. The plant currently processes roughly 26 MMCFD from the sour gas Smackover trend in East Texas, which is very high in hydrogen sulfide and natural gas liquids.  Tristream operates one of only a few plants in the region that can manufacture sulfur, a valuable by-product from its sour gas feedstock. Also, with its cryogenic processing capabilities, the facility removes valuable NGLs to a greater degree than other facilities in the region.  The facility is one of the few if not the only natural gas processing plants in Texas to have unit train loading capabilities.  In 2012, Tristream entered the condensate stabilization business and plans to continue to expand this business into the future, ultimately providing a hub to aggregate and process condensate for shipment to Canada as diluent by rail. 

Tristream’s management team has decades of hands-on engineering, marketing, and operations experience.

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Tristream's Eustace Gas Processing and Treating facility provides sulfinol treating, gas compression and sulfur/NGL recovery service to five counties in East Texas as well as third party condensate stabilization across the region



Unit train arriving at Eustace to load sulfur



Condensate stabilization facility at Myrtle Springs, opened for third party business in 2012