Zechstein Midstream

Investment Status: active

Sector: Midstream

Investment Fund: Fund IV

Geography: Northern and Central Europe

Initial Investment: June 1, 2012

Developing midstream services in Europe

As Haddington sought to uncover opportunities to develop natural gas storage, the management team developing (formerly) Zechstein Energy Storage in Epe, Germany, approached Haddington about a potential investment. After extensive study, Haddington determined that the regulatory changes in Europe, directed by the European Union, provided opportunities for independent development of new natural gas storage assets there. However, the market developed much slower than initially anticipated and therefore it was decided in early 2014 to change the focus to gas processing as a midstream service. 

Zechstein is bringing together a number of technologies not available in Europe and offers a processing service that initially focuses on the rejection of nitrogen or carbon dioxide from a methane stream, or the extraction of higher value products from such stream such as LPG, gas liquids and helium. Zechstein’s activities are technology agnostic but the company controls a number of proprietary technologies which are compact and highly flexible in deployment whilst at the same time scalable. A service that allows producers to focus on their operations, knowing that the stream delivered to the collection and distribution network will meet specifications while freeing up financial and operational resources for core activities.


More information can be found at www.zech-hub.com.