The Environment

Protecting the environment--a core value

Safeguarding the environment is a core value at Haddington, and we take pride in the initiatives taken by our portfolio companies. Today’s investors have become attuned to a broader scope of business performance. They understand that companies that demonstrate concern for the health and safety of employees and the people in the communities where they operate and who show responsibility for the environment deliver more long-term value. Here are just a few examples of how Haddington portfolio companies excel:

  • Apex CAES is developing compressed air energy storage solutions to support the integration of variable renewable resources at high penetration rates.

  • Endicott Biofuels is building world-class biorefineries with the goal of adding to the domestic supply of economically renewable transportation fuel. Endicott expects its products to be cost competitive with petroleum-based fuels.

  • Eureka Resources is providing distillation services to Marcellus Shale natural gas producers, allowing recovery of drinking quality, distilled water from produced frac water for re-use.

  • IACX's innovative mobile nitrogen rejection unit allows natural gas drillers using nitrogen fracs to treat the initial flows of natural gas and send that gas to pipelines, rather than release the methane to the atmosphere or flare it, producing CO2.

  • Magnum's Western Energy Hub Concept, including gas storage and CAES as well as NGL storage, is envisioned to support expansion and utilization of wind and solar power generation facilities in Utah and the transmission of that clean power to other markets.

  • Haddington is a founding member of the Coalition to Advance Renewables through Bulk Energy Storage.


Note: Company list above represents those that Haddington feels represent this sector of the market.  Holdings are subject to change.